Mool Shanti Paath - Shuksham

Mool Shanti Paath - Shuksham

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Inclusions :

  • Two Pandit Jis with all poojan samgiri
  • Dakshina included
  • Pious utensils required for the poojan


Flowers & Fruits

Hawan kund

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Key Insights :

  • It helps to get rid of the negative effects of the Mool nakshatras.
  • Eradicates the health problems faced by the parents of the baby and the baby itself.
  • Delivers a balance and stability in career, health, and marriage.

Our Promises :

  • To provide qualified, knowledgeable and experienced pandit ji
  • To take care of all vedic sciences and rituals for the poojan
  • Cater the poojan as per standard vedic customary rituals
  • Guaranteed promptness and genuineness
  • Professional advice and help
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Vedic astrology consists of 27 Nakshatras, and the ones ruled by Ketu and Mercury are known as Mool Nakshatras. These are - Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyestha, Moola and Revati nakshatra .When a person is born in any one of these nakshatras, he or she is said to be born with a Mool dosh and the hence, a shanti poojan is performed to calm down the any adverse impacts caused by these planets.